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Success experiences

We have been using the body dryer for almost one over week and our customers love it so much. I will be placing second order quite soon. We will fix in an exclusive room for it at our new outlet.

Sweet Spa, Malaysia

It’s an attractive and very useful addition to my bathroom. Your design team has done an excellent job!

Dorlene Kaplan, New York

At Ciudad Pegaso we are already using Valiryo® and I can tell it’s been very positive. It helps to create a confortable environment in the bathroom and the contact with the skin is very nice. Users stated a wellness feeling and it enhances relaxation. The drying is complete and the skin gets smoother. The use is very simple and the personnel has already incorporated it within the bath routines.

Mª Ángeles, Coordinator at Ciudad Pegaso day center, Madrid, Spain.

En mi casa instalamos Valiryo en el mes de Enero y desde entonces, no existe para nosotros una forma más cómoda y agradable de secarnos. Además, por parte de la empresa el trato siempre ha sido exquisito. Por lo tanto, afirmo desde nuestra experiencia que es un producto totalmente recomendable.

Eva y su familia. Pamplona, España.


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